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The Ocean Race 2022-23

Beyond COP21 x The Ocean Race Learning: The Ocean Edition

The Beyond COP21 Symposium series is collaborating with The Ocean Race to support a deeper understanding of the impacts of climate change on the ocean and raise awareness of how the health of the ocean is critical to the overall health of the planet.

In the Ocean Edition Series, we are exploring how giving the ocean a voice by recognising it as a legal entity could shift perception of it, from a resource and property for human use, to an entity in its own right with a voice in decision making.

The Ocean Race is an epic adventure in which the world’s top sailing teams circumnavigate the planet powered only by the wind. The ocean is the racetrack, and sailors are witnessing its deterioration first-hand.

It is important that young people understand why a healthy ocean is crucial for all life on earth. The Ocean Race’s unique perspective on the marine world provides an exciting backdrop for learning, showing younger generations what makes the ocean so amazing, the threats it faces, along with the solutions to empower them to take action to help support the seas.

The Ocean Race 2022-23 will visit nine iconic international cities over a six-month period, with leg one starting from Alicante, Spain, on 15 January 2023. From there, teams will sail to Cabo Verde, Cape Town, Itajaí, Newport, Aarhus, Kiel (fly-by), The Hague and Genova. The Ocean Edition series will see a Beyond COP21 Symposium at a host school in each host city, bringing sustainability to the forefront of education and community engagement.

During the 2022-23 edition of the Race, each stopover city will host an Ocean Live Park, where The Ocean Race Learning will facilitate school workshops, activities and training sessions for young people, educators and the wider community.

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